Tandberg Educational Remote System Support - fast, easy, and secure

Product Overview

Tandberg Educational Remote System Support is a customer service that uses a web-based connection to the customer's PC to provide fast, easy and secure remote support. Using a customized web portal, Sanako remote operators will access the customer's computer with their permission, to diagnose, assist with and resolve issues using various tools. The remote service is suitable for use in broadband environments, and can be accessed by the customer from the web.

Features and Benefits

Instant support for faster problem solving. Tandberg Remote System Support Service allows our professionals to rapidly diagnose and resolve incidents in the network environment. The service is ideal in cases where immediate assistance is required, or when a number of urgent service interventions is needed.

Direct access to specialized TANDBERG expertise.

Remote System Support is provided via an online connection that allows Tandberg to remotely view and control the customer's desktop for incident diagnosis and trouble-shooting. With the ability to remotely access customers' desktops, Tandberg can resolve issues even faster and provide end users with a higher quality usage and support experience.

Full system security during remote sessions.

All actions during the remote support take place in full view of the customer, who remains in control of the screen sharing session throughout. Any sensitive information is protected and new remote connections may only be activated at the request of the customer.

Our expert support technicians are ready to help you with any issue, big or small! If you have questions please email us at support at tandbergeducational dot com.

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