Tandberg Educational Training Services - training for better teaching results

Product Overview

Tandberg Educational services include a package of after-sales customer care elements designed to complement and complete the teaching solution. Our service portfolio is delivered through our competent global network of Sanako-certified sales partners. Tandberg Educational Training Services include a product presentation and hands-on training covering all product functions.

Customers have the option of splitting this into two sessions, so that they receive the appropriate level of individualized end user training. This approach ensures that they build the skills to efficiently utilize their teaching technology investments. Tandberg Educational Training Services are available either on-site or online.

Features and Benefits

  • Clear concept for optimum goal-setting. Tandberg Educational training services have clearly defined components and processes. This makes it easier for the customer to understand the training process, set objectives and be fully involved in a successful outcome.
  • Professional tools for maximum efficiency. High quality training tools ensure that the training service is as effective as possible. Training materials are complemented by authentic usage situations to guarantee success. Sanako training professionals understand the pedagogical needs of teaching professionals as well as the technical requirements of IT-personnel and tailor their approaches accordingly.
  • Guarantee of the best possible end-result. The strength of Tandberg Educational training services lies in the customer's involvement in the approval process. When customers are involved in approving each stage of the training program, they are confident that training was completed successfully and according to their specific needs.
  • Global delivery network. The global network of Tandberg Educational partners ensures that training services are delivered without delays. They also ensure that training programs comply with local practices.
  • Convenient options for training. Tandberg Educational training services are available on-site or conveniently online. To get the most out of Tandberg Educational solutions, the first step in the training program is to present the solution, its possibilities and benefits. To enhance the theory with practice, user or administrator training takes place. For a technical audience or for teaching staff, on-site or online - our training services allow our users to realize the full potential of their teaching technology.

To find out more about our online training packages, email us at support at tandbergeducational dot com.

We recommend that you get Tandberg Educational Software Maintenance with our software products.

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